First Generation: Coming from a wine producing family, Modesto Güell Coll buys on 1942 (70 years ago) La Fortuna farm, on Maule’s Region located 200 km south from Santiago planting it with fine vine such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Malbec and Sauvignon Blanc.

Second Generation: His son, Daniel Güell Galofré gets into the business to help his father to continue with the family´s tradition. On the 40th his vision of the business moves him to build the current cellar with 6.500 m2 that currently has 16 concretes vats with epoxic cover and a capacity of 55.000 lts each (1.200.000 lts) and an automatic filling plant with 2.000 bottles an hour capacity. In this way, La Fortuna wines have been in the market since 1950, innovating in commercialization with individual packaging such as “Fortunita” and the introduction of Burgundy bottles, all of this with a great success.

Third Generation: Grandson, Luis Daniel Güell Borlando, gets into the business on the 90th developing the international market what means the incorporation of modern equipment and a new wine making technology to produce what is called the “New World Wines” style. On 1996 set the basis to transform La Fortuna in the first Chilean winery to produce organic wines.

Aware of the importance to preserve the environment and human health problems due to the use of pesticides and taking advantage of the excellent Chilean phytosanitary conditions, Viña La Fortuna turns into the main actor in the organic wine production. La Fortuna´s organic production is controlled and accredited as such by IMO Switzerland, and certified according to Chilean, European, North American (NOP) and Japanese (JAS) organic standards,

Fourth Generation: Currently, great granddaughter Macarena Concha Güell with the same passion as her antecessors and after almost two decades producing organic wines decides to produce natural wines as way to differentiate La Fortuna’s offer and to express even more the natural characteristic of their wines.
No commercial yeast are used in wine production, just the natural yeast of the vineyards and with very low sulfite, thus resulting in fruitier, complex, fresh and healthy wines revealing exactly the philosophy and passion of these four generations.

Other certifications that back up La Fortuna’s wine quality are the HACCP certification and Clean Production Agreement.